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Nord NM in OS X 10.9

Hey friends! So I still get a ton of traffic on my posts about troubleshooting connection errors in Java with the Nord Modular. I have since moved away to grad school and have no had access to the Nord (except briefly in December), so I apologize that I haven’t posted any other solutions or clues. I do still check up forums to see if anyone else has come up with anything, and it seems it is possible to get the G1 editor working in Mac OS 10.9! Or so it seems. I am interested to see if I can try it out when I go visit my alma mater in a couple weeks.

Anyway, there is hope, and I’ve seen quite a bit of documentation both on forums and on youtube of others getting the G1 editor to work with OS X Mavericks… So, if you are still chasing the elusive Nord Modular editor, give that a look. Here is one video I found of someone’s working editor in 10.9

Will hopefully be posting further updates on this in the near future. Wouldn’t it be nice though??