Live Synthesis Performance

Hey team! Here’s a nice little recording of a performance I did in class a couple weeks ago. I used a little two grain synthesizer I build with arduino that is SUPER simple, and if you want one, you can build one too, the project is called Auduino. I changed the code a little bit just to change the pitch mapping a little. I also used my Elenco Electronics Playground, and built a little light controlled oscillator and flashed a light through prisms and crystals to control the CDS cell. I also used a Casio VL-Tone with a nearly dead battery, and a dynamic microphone. All of this was routed through a little mixer into my audio interface into my computer, where it was processed through the live granular sampler I have been working on in SuperCollider. I recorded most of this, and there is an explanation and some questions at the end: