Repair and restoration of synthesizers (and guitar/effect pedals) new and old. I operate a full service shop capable of SMD repairs, custom electronics, mods, and careful restorations.

The services I offer include:

  • A 2 hour assessment/repair/service fee of $100 (+ parts). During this session I will vacuum out the unit, wipe-over clean the keys and case, replace the battery if required, attempt to repair your item, and if this cannot be achieved then provide a quote for what I think is required to finish the repair
  • My hourly rate is $45 for each hour following the initial 2 hour repair/assessment above. I will estimate hours required and provide final cost estimate following initial assessment.
  • Ordered parts are cost + 10% plus shipping. 

I provide free advice you as to whether or not I think the repair is economically viable for personal use or sale before starting a repair. I possess limited storage capabilities.

Non-Warranty Repair Policy:

Non warranty repairs are covered against defects in labor for 30 days.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, completed repairs are expected to be picked up or delivery arranged within 30 days of completion. After that date, a storage charge of $5.00 per/day will apply unless otherwise arranged. 

If an item is not picked up within 90 days of completion it will be considered abandoned and ownership forfeit.   

Please contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.