My name is Chloe and I am enthusiastic about sound! My primary interests lie in sound design, instrument design, music technology, interactivity and new media, analog/digital synthesis, and composition. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Audio Engineering and Music Technology from The Evergreen State College in June of 2013. I spent my final undergraduate academic year as the Music Technology Intern at Electronic Media at Evergreen Electronic Media. I am independently studying animation and video and actively working to marry my love of sound with projects in visual media. My academic scope has also expanded to include Computer Science, as I explore the C programming language, C++, Java, Objective C, SuperCollider, LilyPond, Max MSP and Jitter, PureData, and Processing, primarily focusing on coding for firmware applications, application design, and computer music. Coupling this with my strong background in music, I will continue to competently produce my own creative work. I possess a tenacity to learn anything and everything about audio and media. I am currently pursuing an MFA in Electronic Music and Production at Mills College in Oakland.

My continuing work in media and technology has more recently been focused on developing a workshop series focusing on education and advocacy for women, trans, and gender queer individuals who are interested in audio and music technology. I believe that media literacy is a form of revolution that empowers all people to consciously interpret and produce media that suits their creative necessity, and actively seek to facilitate and encourage thoughtful and inventive interaction with technology. I compose and perform in the San Francisco Bay area under the name Makahiya, utilizing electronics, code based instruments and DSP, live sampling and looping, and vocal layering. I am in the final stages of editing a hand drawn ink and water color animation chronicling my habits as they pertain to encouraging my creative process. I also build custom instrument pedals and repair electronics on a freelance basis.